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Fabio, Manager

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

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My wife and I were having some problems. Doing some - a lot of drinking - being outside a lot and so we separated. I got really depressed because obviously, she left me. I really care about her. A neighbor one day suggested I try Dianetics. He said that you know, it could have helped us at least to remain friends and still talk to each other because I mean, we're totally, no talking - nothing like that. It made me realize some things about myself that - I had no idea. My wife realized some things about herself that - had no idea. My wife and I got back together. Now we even have the children, so... I've been married for 12 years - 10 of them very successful - the first 2 not so successful. And the difference is Dianetics.

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Dianetics Around the World

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